General Insurance

Accomodating General Insurance Plans

Serres, Visone & Rice has established its exceptional reputation for service based on our four guiding principles.

1. Continuous Monitoring

Have your coverage continually monitored to make sure that it keeps pace with you. It is part of our mission to adjust your coverage on an on-going basis to ensure you or your company continues to receive the coverage you need, when you need it.  We factor in changes in exposure, environmental fluctuations, and capital expansion/contraction  to our assessment.

2. Cost Savings Identification

Serres, Visone, & Rice considers it a fundamental part of our service to pinpoint areas where you can reduce your insurance costs. All policies under SVR are tailored to your specific needs. There are no boilerplate programs or attempts to have you fit into prepackaged plans. By having the policy built around your requirements, you only pay for what you need.

3. Prompt Claims Processing

Easily maneuver through the claims process to a swift and acceptable resolution with our help. We carefully review policies to identify the most appropriate clause under which your claim should be submitted. This, in addition to our extensive experience, makes us uniquely qualified to advocate on your behalf.

4. Individual Availability

Receive an informed response without any delay from our insurance team. Your inquiry will never languish in voice mail, e-mail, or with someone who is not equipped to address your concerns. With years of training in all facets of insurance polices, our team addresses your coverage questions quickly and comprehensively.

Risk Transfer

At SVR, insurance is about people.  It is about protecting our clients and transferring their risk to prevent significant to catastrophic expense.  It’s about cultivating relationships with the top insurance providers.  We bring these groups together to offer the best coverage at the best price.  In serving our commercial accounts or individuals, we always start at the same place – with the client’s insurance needs.  SVR determines:
Consulting, General Insurance Handshake, General Insurance
• Insured’s Loss Potential
• Limits & Coverage Specifications
• Appropriate Risk Transfer Programs
• Target Pricing

Unparalleled Relationships

You build strong relationships when you have been in the insurance industry as long as we have. Therefore, when it comes time to market your policy, Serres, Visone & Rice Insurance gets the attention of the finest names in the insurance industry including Chartis™, Chubb™, Travelers™, QBE™, Great American™, RLI™,  Markel and ACE™.

Professional Guidance

SVR will never present you with just a ‘number; for you to make a decision.  We guide you to make an informed and cost effective choice.  We will review and negotiate for you to make sure you receive the optimal plan for both your needs and your budget.

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